Keeping your wood flooring safe while moving or bringing in new furniture or even remodeling can be done with the right precautionary steps. The key to protecting any wood floor is to plan ahead and use precautionary measures.

Just like we protect our floor from water, shoes and other things that can damage it you will want to protect your hardwood from scratching, extra foot traffic and denting. We will outline some of the basics of how you can protect your floor from damage while moving below.

First, put down a layer of protective material. Masonite is a great option to protect your flooring. Masonite comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. Ram board is another option that can be used to protect the floors. Ram board comes in rolls which makes it easier for many homeowners to get. Line the main walkways with these and any other high traffic areas to keep the wood below safe.

Moving blankets are a great way to protect your items as well as the floor. When you put down your furniture the moving blankets can help to ensure the floor is dented. Scrapes and bumps can easily dent or scratch your floor but the moving blanket will help to prevent this. Electronics can also be wrapped in moving blankets to protect walls, floors and the electronics themselves.

Do not slide items on your wood flooring. Sliding can scratch your floors, gouge them or harm the finish coat.

Felt pads should be added to the bottom of all your furniture legs. These pads put a protective layer between the furniture and flooring and can protect it from denting and scratching. These felt pads are especially important on chair legs to ensure they don’t scratch the floor when being slid in and out for use.

Hiring a moving company is another great option. Movers are experienced in how to move item to keep the house and flooring safe and have the necessary moving tools to make the job easier.

Protecting your floor doesn’t have to be challenging. These simple steps will keep your flooring safe and beautiful throughout your move.