Hardwood Floor Refinishing

2nd Generation Hardwood Experience

Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

Refinishing your hardwood can make your floors new again. When you refinish your floor it is transformed from worn and tired to beautiful and new. We are a NWFA certified company and follow their standards. We know floors and our team has more than 150 years of combined experience in installation and refinishing. Our combination of great equipment and skilled employees means we offer beautiful well done floors. We use the newest technology in regards to equipment and finishes.&

Hardwood & Dust

Homeowners all share one big concern when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing, dust. This four letter word is frustrating for us as well and we have done everything in our power to keep the dust out of the refinishing process. We use powerful vacuums, the right equipment and train our employees in dust control. The vacuum system we use is powered by a tractor motor and helps to make quick work of dust containment. Our vacuum is trailer mounted and kept outside the home, this means the dust is removed from your home and carried out to be dealt with outside. Our dustless vacuum system is a must have when refinishing your floors.

Green Finishes

The hardwood industry have many some big advances in the last 20 years. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of water-based floor finishes. Water based finishes offers great durability without some of the other downsides. V.O.C.’s can be harmful to your heath and have an unpleasant smell. Some finishes can gas off V.O.C.’s for up to 60 days. Water based finishes only take 24-36 hours to finish gassing off and are considered a healthier choice.


Hardwood floors can withstand a lot of use. Eventually after a few years of use you will need to have them re-sanded and brought back to their original state. Hardwood refinishing takes only a matter of days and the transformation is remarkable.

What to expect from a refinish

  • Most scratches removed including both minor and major scratches
  • Sheen is uniform
  • Pet stains may  be removed but not guaranteed
  • Cracks filled
  • Dirt and germs removed
  • Floor is smooth
  • 2-3 days of work time
  • Maintenance free for 5-8 years
  • Beautiful finished product and a cleaning kit to keep it beautiful
How you can expect our Employees to Be:

  • Keep the job site tidy at the end of each day
  • Punctual and considerate of your property
  • Communicates with your about questions or concerns
  • Helpful and accommodating of special needs
  • Background checked employees
  • Walk-thru completed at the end of  the job


When you are ready to start your project we will schedule a time for a bid. This first step lets our estimator come in and take measurements, see what you are wanting out of your project and how we can help. We always make sure to ask the customer what they want, instead of telling you what we can do. We do our estimates in this way because we want to ensure we understand your expectations and inspiration. We then can talk to you about if stain is an options, finish choices, concerns and any other questions that you may have. After we have chosen the different elements you will want for your floor an estimate can be presented.

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Our Story

Our story begins in late 1997, when Joel Arias, Sr., found a passion for the hardwood flooring industry as he worked as a warehouseman for a local Bay Area company. After many years, his work ethic and professionalism led him to open his own business in which he has proudly served Bay Area families, contractors, interior designers, property management companies, and real estate agents.

Today, Peninsula Hardwood Floors remains a family owned and operated business of professional craftsman that value quality work, honesty, and customer service.


Our family, office staff, installing and sanding teams are all committed to communicating and entering your home or business with honesty, reliability, and overall integrity.  

Peninsula Hardwood Floors, Inc., is fully licensed, insured and bonded in the state of California.


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