Hardwood flooring hasn’t been the most affordable option for flooring in decades; now, there are several synthetic products that cost you less money. Some of them even attempt to look like hardwood. However, they cannot adequately recreate the look, the feel, and the durability of hardwood. A good hardwood floor cna last for decades. That’s also why you can find hardwood floors for a great price. You just need to know where to look.

Online Classifieds

There are several websites that essentially operate as classified ads for your area. When people decide that they are going to do some home remodeling, some of them decide to remove their hardwood floor. They’ll list these floors online for people to buy from them. Some even list the hardwood for free. It can be such an inconvenience that people are just happy you’re doing the hauling for them.


In some other cases, you might find that people who are tearing down a house, cabin, or shed will likely let you haul away wood for free. Older sheds and cabins were likely built from hardwood planks that have aged for decades. If you have a source for demolished buildings, you don’t have to rely only on the flooring. If you can find hardwood flooring being pulled up, that is the easiest way to find affordable flooring. You can simply take it from where it’s being demolished and then install it in your home.

However, you can also use hardwood walls and roofs as flooring; that might require a little bit more processing but it is possible.

Factory Irregulars

If you are looking for new flooring, you can still find affordable flooring from a manufacturer. Manufacturers typically use machines to cut and process hardwood into flooring planks. From time to time, the machines might malfunction to burn or scratch the planks. Alternately, the source wood might not be up to the quality standards of the manufacturer. In both of those cases, the hardwood planks won’t be used in the premium line of flooring that a company might sell. However, many of them still sell it. They sell this damaged and irregular hardwood as factory irregulars.

They cost much less than the standard line of hardwood flooring. Since distressed and rustic flooring is so popular right now, buying factory damaged flooring could just help you stay on trend. These are three of the simplest ways to find the best hardwood flooring for the lowest cost.